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Margaret Triggs, Chief II Pharmacist in the Cancer Drug Management Programme in the National Cancer Control Programme

Dr Una Kennedy, General Practitioner & GP Advisor to the National Cancer Control Programme


In this webinar on "Non-Specific Symptoms of Cancer," presenters Margaret Triggs and Dr. Una Kennedy, with the National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) in Ireland, discuss various initiatives and resources related to cancer treatment and prevention. They emphasise the importance of early detection and the role of community pharmacists in supporting cancer patients. Non-specific symptoms of cancer, such as cough, weight loss, and fatigue, makeup half of cancer presentations and can lead to poorer outcomes when diagnosed late.  

They discuss the prevalence of cancer in Ireland, emphasising the importance of regular check-ups and being aware of non-specific symptoms. They encourage individuals to address modifiable risk factors like alcohol consumption and weight management, while also acknowledging economic and social disadvantage and family history as risk factors. They discuss various resources, including the National Cancer Information System and previous IIOP webinars on cancer patient care 

Dr Una Kennedy also talks about addressing negative beliefs surrounding cancer and encourages individuals to seek medical help if experiencing non-specific symptoms 


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