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  • Redmond Lyons, Senior Pharmacist, National Cancer Control Programme  

  • Dr. Heather Burns, Specialist in Public Health Medicine, National Cancer Control Programme  

  • Dr. Una Kennedy, General Practitioner & GP Advisor, National Cancer Control Programme 


In this webinar about men and cancer in Ireland, Redmond Lyons, Dr. Heather Burns and Dr. Una Kennedy discuss various topics related to cancer prevention, treatment options, risk factors, and early detection. They emphasise the importance of reducing modifiable risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and maintaining a healthy weight. The speakers highlight the role pharmacists can play in encouraging men to seek help and address barriers to early diagnosis. They also provide information on available cancer screening programs for bowel and lung cancer, and the existence of rapid access clinics for timely evaluation and treatment. Overall, the webinar aims to educate and raise awareness about cancer among men in Ireland, and the resources available for prevention and treatment.