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  • Dr Heather Burns, Consultant in Public Health Medicine, National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP)  

  • Dr Clare Meaney, Senior Pharmacist, National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP)  

  • Dr Una Kennedy, General Practitioner & GP Advisor, National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) 


In this webinar, the role of pharmacists in skin cancer prevention and early detection is discussed. This role is highlighted as extremely important as they are the first line for encouraging patients to seek medical evaluation when necessary. As the speakers highlight the importance of early intervention, they also emphasise the significance of methods of sun protection, including, but not limited to, applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade.  

The speakers provide information on different types of skin cancers, risk factors, and the importance of recognising any unusual skin changes. As the speakers discuss sun protection, they highlight the importance of sunscreen application and especially the frequency of reapplication. Finally, the presenters address some common questions and concerns regarding sun protection and skin cancer prevention.