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Practice Review - Background

Recent legislation[1] relating to pharmacists’ CPD will require that a sample of the patient-facing pharmacists on the PSI register be selected annually for Practice Review. According to SI 553 of 2015 this review will encompass a:

  “direct evaluation … of the knowledge, skills and judgement of the pharmacist, against a standard established in consultation with peer pharmacists practising in patient-facing roles, having  regard to the Core Competency Framework for Pharmacists, with particular reference to those competencies dealing with patient care, including clinical knowledge, the ability to gather and interpret appropriately information from and about patients, patient management and education and communication (including counselling) skills.”

Role of the IIOP

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy is responsible for the implementation of the Practice Review process, which is based on the practice review model used for over 20 years by the Ontario College of Pharmacists, Canada. 

Practice Review Support

The IIOP has developed a suite of information and other useful support resources, which are now available by clicking the Practice Review Support link on the top left of this page (you must be logged in to view the support menu).

Feel free also to contact the IIOP directly for support support@iiop.ie or on 01 402 5112.