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Resources that were shared on this webinar below: 



  • Dr Sarah Fitzgibbon, Primary Care Clinical Advisor, CervicalCheck, HSE  

  • AnneMarie DeFrein, Chief 1 Pharmacist, National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) 


This webinar provides comprehensive information on cervical cancer screening and prevention in Ireland. Dr. Sarah Fitzgibbon discusses the cervical check program, screening considerations, primary HPV screening, HPV vaccination, cervical cancer elimination, and the role of pharmacists in cervical cancer prevention. The program aims to identify women at risk through screening tests for HPV, followed by further tests or referrals if needed. The speaker emphasises the importance of screening and vaccination in reducing cervical cancer rates and highlights the goal of eliminating cervical cancer. Additionally, resources for healthcare professionals and patients are provided to enhance knowledge and support in the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.