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This webinar was recorded on 19th June 2024 


  • Joanne Lowe, Diabetes Nurse Specialist & Nurse Lead, National Clinical Programme for Diabetes, HSE 

  • Assumpta Coyle, Podiatry Manager in Charge III, Saolta Hospital Group & Podiatry Lead, National Clinical Programme for Diabetes, HSE 

  • Trevor Hunter, Primary Care Pharmacist & Pharmacist Rep National Clinical Programme for Diabetes Working Group, HSE 

  • Dr Ciara McGowan, Senior Dietitian, Self-Management Education and Support Office, HSE 


Joanne Lowe – Presentation

Assumpta Coyle – Presentation

Trevor Hunter – Presentation

Dr Ciara McGowan - Presentation

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The webinar "Diabetes An Overview" covers many aspects of managing diabetes, including sick day guidance, lower limb health, medication reconciliation and medication safety, and self-management education and support programmes for patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM). 

Joanne discusses the impact of illness on individuals with diabetes, emphasising the importance of monitoring glucose and ketones during illness, signposting to recently developed sick day rules for both patients and clinicians.  

Assumpta highlights the importance of lower limb healthcare, emphasising the importance of early intervention for diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic foot care. Assumpta also highlights aspects of the Model of Care for the Diabetic Foot and provides an overview of services and how to access them throughout the country. 

Trevor focuses on the importance of pharmacists in conducting medication reconciliation and also addresses specific diabetes-related medication safety information, signposting sources of information.  

Ciara provides an overview of self-management education and support programmes for individuals with T2DM, showcasing the positive clinical improvements observed in some of these programmes. 

Additionally, the webinar provides an overview of initiatives and resources aimed at managing diabetes, including the Diabetes Prevention Program, free diabetes support courses, and many other resources.