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Presentation Slides: Working together for best practice in obesity management

Presentation Slides: Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) for the Management of Obesity in Adults in Ireland: Project Summary


  • Dr Jean O’Connell, Consultant Endocrinologist, Bariatric Physician, St Columcille’s & St Vincent’s University Hospitals  

  • Dr. Cathy Breen, Clinical Specialist Dietitian in Obesity & Diabetes / ASOI Chair & CPG Adaptation Coordinator  

  • Ita Fitzgerald MPharm, MSc, MPSI, Senior Pharmacist, Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the Royal College of  Surgeons in Ireland, St. Patrick's University Hospital 


In this webinar Dr. Lesley Tilson, Dr. Roisin Adams and Dr. Laura McCullagh discusses the importance of collaboration and best practices in managing obesity. The video covers topics such as biases and stigmas surrounding obesity, the complexity of weight regulation, the concept of the "best weight" for individuals, the development and adaptation of clinical practice guidelines for obesity management, the role of pharmacotherapy, and the limitations and potential side effects of obesity management medications. The video emphasises the need for a holistic approach, patient-centred care, and reducing biases and stigmas in the healthcare field. The guidelines provide valuable resources for healthcare professionals to improve patient care and outcomes in obesity management. 

The webinar highlights the importance of reviewing medications and addressing potential barriers to appetite regulation in obesity management. They discuss the impact of psychotropic medications and other factors on weight and advocate for discussing these with prescribers. 

They also mention the positive effects of certain medications on appetite and discusses GLP-1 agonists and their benefits in blood glucose and weight management. They emphasise low-dose titration and monitoring for side effects. The speaker addresses concerns about medication availability, reimbursement restrictions, and weight regain after stopping medication. They discuss the lack of evidence for apple cider vinegar as a weight loss solution and the importance of discussing potential weight gain with prescribers when using pharmacotherapy for mental health issues in children. They highlight the need for regular medication reviews and appropriate referrals in obesity management.