Inter-professional Collaboration

Part of the IIOP’s Leadership strategy is to support activities within the profession which promote and advance patient care. Working with other health care professions is an important step to advance this goal.

In recent months the IIOP has begun engaging in events which will promote a dialogue about inter-professional collaboration.

In May 2017 the IIOP, in collaboration with the RCSI School of Pharmacy, welcomed colleagues from East Tennessee State University (ETSU) for an educational masterclass focused on developing inter-professional practice in the provision of healthcare.

A video of the Keynote address by Dr Reid B. Blackwelder and Dr Brian Cross from the educational masterclass is available below.

Keynote address by Dr Reid B. Blackwelder and Dr Brian Cross  

The "Journey to Team Based Healthcare Masterclass" took place in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland on May 23rd 2017. The brochure from the event can be downloaded here

 The Masterclass raised some important points about inter-professional practice and the IIOP also took the opportunity of the visit by our American colleagues to record a discussion which further contextualised the issue of inter-professional practice for the Irish setting. A recording of this podcast can be viewed below, or downloaded here.

Dr Catriona Bradley, Dr Reid B. Blackwelder, Dr Brian Cross, Dr McKenzie Calhoun, Mr Paddy Byrne MSPI and Dr Kieran O’Driscoll discuss the issue of inter-professional practice. 

The IIOP has also begun to consider how inter-professional collaboration may have a part to play in future learning programmes.