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Diagnosis and Treatment of a Severe Angina Attack and the Supply and Administration of Glyceryl Trinitrate Training Programme

This programme is a fully online and self-directed training programme, designed and delivered by NICPLD. The programme aims to help you acquire new knowledge and provide you with opportunities to develop skills in reviewing the literature on clinical studies. It also aims to assist you in interpreting the clinical evidence presented and derive your own conclusions based on this evidence.

As the programme is online and self-directed, it is designed to be interactive and may take approximately two hours to complete. Participants will engage in self-assessment, case study scenarios and learning assessment activities while working through the various elements in the programme. The design allows you to work through the various sections in your own time and you do not have to complete the online programme in one sitting.

In advance of administering vaccinations and emergency medicines, pharmacists should review the PSI training requirements to ensure they have completed all the required training programmes. The PSI training requirements can be viewed here: PSI website

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The aim of this training is to enable pharmacists to:

  • Diagnose and treat a severe angina attack
  • Refresh their knowledge on the properties and usage of glyceryl trinitrate
  • Supply and administer glyceryl trinitrate in emergency situations in line with S.I. No. 449/2015
  • Identify exclusion criteria and precautions associated with glyceryl trinitrate use
  • Manage possible side effects or adverse events resulting from administration of glyceryl trinitrate
  • Store glyceryl trinitrate in line with the SmPC
  • Make appropriate records following supply and administration of glyceryl trinitrate in an emergency