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This programme is a fully online and self-directed training programme, designed and delivered by the IIOP in conjunction with the National Medicines Information Centre (NMIC) St James’s Hospital, Dublin.  This course is intended for all registered pharmacists as a two-hour self-directed e-learning programme.


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The learning objective of this training programme is to help pharmacists reflect on and develop the way in which they respond to medicines-related queries in practice. Through the learning on this programme and the use of practice opportunities, the pharmacist will become familiar with the use of evidence-based reputable information resources to help formulate responses to medicines-related queries that they would encounter in their practice. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their current practice when answering medicines related questions in practice by interacting with practice scenarios, developed from questions received by the NMIC and presented to reflect a typical interaction pharmacist would experience on a daily basis in practice. 

The learning objective is achieved through the achievement of four learning outcomes:

  1. Reflect on their own behaviours and outcomes when responding to medicines related questions in current practice
  2. Identify essential information required to answer a medicines-related question;
  3. Research a medicines-related question using appropriate information resources
  4. Understand the principles of formulating an answer to a medicines-related query and apply to practical examples.