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  • Caroline Hynes, Senior Pharmacist - St John of God Hospital, Honorary Clinical Lecturer - RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, Adjunct Lecturer/Associate Professor - University College Dublin 


In the Youth Med.Info webinar, Caroline Hynes discusses the development of mental health medicines information resources for young individuals ages between 12-17 years old. The team created short, accessible videos with clear language and adjustments for various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok Instagram, and Snapchat. Eight mental health medication videos were launched, with plans to add additional topics. Caroline also informed us of upcoming plans for making resources for younger children and additional videos on specific side effects.  

Caroline emphasises that having a resource is useless if people are unaware of its existence. She also mentions the importance of using language that is acceptable to both clinicians and young patients when discussing medications. The formulation of these resources entailed gathering input from diverse contributors and condensing it into vital information. A total of 14 professionals participated in crafting these resources, comprising Pharmacists, Psychiatrists, Nurses, and SpunOut Youth Panelists. 

Youth Med.Info QR Codes