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This webinar was recorded on 10th April 2024


  • Áine O’Reilly, Senior Pharmacist Integrated Care for the Older Person 

  • Lorna King, Clinical Specialist Dietitian for the Older Person 


Áine O’Reilly’s Presentation: Here

Lorna King’s Presentation: Here  


In this webinar "Working on an Integrated Care Community Specialist Team for the Older Person," Lorna King and Áine O’Reilly discuss their roles and the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork in managing older adults with Frailty. The team includes various specialists, such as geriatricians, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, and allied health professionals. The speakers emphasise the link between Frailty and polypharmacy, with frail older adults being more likely to be prescribed inappropriate medications.  

The team collaborates to assess and manage issues related to medications, falls, and other geriatric syndromes. They also discuss the importance of comprehensive geriatric assessments (CGAs) and medication reviews in identifying and managing fall risks and postural hypotension in older patients. CGAs are now being conducted in patients' homes, and home medication reviews have been introduced to identify those who might benefit.