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  • Ciaran Austin, Communications Manager, HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention  

  • Michelle O’Driscoll, Postdoctoral Researcher, National Suicide Research Foundation   

  • Ailish O'Neill, National Education and Training Manager, HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention 


This webinar highlights the efforts being made to address the issue of paracetamol overdoses, particularly among young people. The speakers emphasise the importance of education, awareness, and training among pharmacy and retail staff to prevent these intentional overdoses. They discuss the findings of a survey that revealed some staff members had inaccurate knowledge of paracetamol sales restrictions, indicating a need for clearer communication and training. They also address concerns regarding the sale of paracetamol in non-pharmacy settings and the need for awareness among counter staff.  

The overall goal is to optimise adherence to existing legislation, raise awareness, and improve mental health support to reduce paracetamol-related intentional overdoses.