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  • James O’ Hagan, LGBT Champions Programme Manager 


"Pride At Work: Supporting Members of the LGBTQI+ Community" discusses various aspects of LGBTQI+ inclusion, awareness, and support. James O'Hagan shares his expertise in working with Health and Social Care Professionals to ensure LGBTQ+ inclusivity. The webinar also highlights the work of LGBT Ireland in providing support services, training, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. The historical timeline of LGBTQ+ rights in Ireland is discussed, along with the progress made and ongoing challenges. The importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces, addressing stigma and discrimination, and promoting allyship is emphasised. The speaker concludes by discussing the impact of healthcare access on LGBTQ+ individuals and the need for visible support in healthcare settings. Overall, the webinar provides valuable insights and resources for supporting LGBTQ+ individuals in various settings.