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This webinar was recorded on 5th June 2024 


  • Eleanor Southgate, National Open Disclosure Manager, HSE 

  • Kelly McDyer, Trainer & Educator, National Open Disclosure Office, HSE 


Presentation: Here 

HSE Open Disclosure website:


This webinar provides an overview of the National Open Disclosure Framework and the Patient Safety (Notifiable Incidents and Open Disclosure) Act 2023. It addresses the importance of open disclosure following patient safety and provides an overview of the statutory and legislative impetus for open disclosure.  

The speakers emphasise the importance of acknowledging incidents, providing timely communication, saying sorry, and supporting healthcare workers in implementing and embedding open disclosure practices in healthcare settings. This includes how it relates to pharmacists. The framework aims to standardise open disclosure processes across all healthcare settings, addressing healthcare providers and stakeholders in promoting a culture of transparency and openness and patient safety. Key aspects of implementation include appointing clinical leaders, submitting annual compliance reports, understanding notifiable incidents, and ensuring timely and appropriate disclosure practices are in place. Highlighting the need for adherence to legislative guidelines for promoting accountability within healthcare settings is outlined.  

The presenters signpost available resources including e-learning modules on open disclosure available on HSELand within the content of the webinar.