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  • Bríd Ryan, Clinical Lead ePharmacy, Chief I Pharmacist, HSE 


The National ePrescribing Project is a venture led by Bríd Ryan that aims to improve patient care through the use of technology. The project's goals include implementing e-prescribing systems and improving medication management. The first phase focuses on building the core infrastructure for e-prescriptions, integration engines, and patient access through GPS and community pharmacies. The project seeks to standardise data and ensure patient safety while empowering patients to access their health information. The benefits of the project include improved medication safety and efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers. The project board consists of representatives from various stakeholders and stakeholder engagement has been a priority, with feedback gathered to inform the project's development. The market consultation process with vendors has provided valuable information and the project is progressing towards the establishment of a central data repository and integration services. The potential for future advancements, research opportunities, and secondary uses of patient information are also mentioned.