The Green Platform

The Irish pharmacy profession has undergone significant change in the past ten years requiring pharmacists to adapt their practice in line with new legislative and health-system requirements.

It is clear that there are different perspectives on change, with some people embracing it, and others requiring more time to become adjusted to it. 

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy’s vision is to enable pharmacists, individually and collectively, to realise their potential. It strives to provide the support that pharmacists require to engage in continuing professional development.

During our many conversations with the profession, the issues of mind-set and attitude are continuously raised by pharmacists as playing a critical part in resilience to change.  With this in mind, the IIOP organised a presentation from Declan Coyle, an experienced motivational speaker, to provide an overview of how mind-set can affect our perception of change. 

Presentation by Declan Coyle at the IIOP Peer Support Pharmacist Training day on March 3rd 2017