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This webinar was recorded on 20th March 2024


Slides from the presentation: Slides


  • Elmarie Cottrell, HMMS Operational Lead, Chief II Pharmacist, Acute Hospitals Drugs Management Programme, HSE  

  • Mary Deasy, Data Protection Officer, HSE  

  • Shane Byrnes, Clinical Lead National Medicinal Product Catalogue (NMPC), HSE  

  • Brid Ryan, Clinical Lead ePharmacy, Chief I Pharmacist, HSE 


In this week's webinar "General Data Protection Awareness & An Overview of the National Medicinal Product Catalogue," Emily Kelly welcomes participants and introduces the panel of experts, including Bríd Ryan, Elmarie Cottrell, Mary Deasy, and Shane Byrnes. Elmarie discusses digital health projects in the Irish Healthcare System, including the development of the National ePrescription Service and the move to electronic health records. Mary Deasy provides a generic overview of data protection concepts, explaining the importance of personal data and the roles of data controllers and processors.   

Mary also discusses GDPR and the lawful bases for processing personal data, consent, and compliance with legal obligations. She also discusses Article 9 regarding special category data and the European Data Protection Board's guidelines for researchers. The importance of GDPR compliance for organisations and the role of a Data Protection Officer in handling data-related matters was outlined.     

Shane Byrnes presents on the importance of standardised medication product descriptions and the objectives of the National Medicinal Product Catalogue.  

The panel also discusses the importance of accurate information sharing in digital health programmes and the role of the National Medicinal Product Catalogue in achieving that goal.   

Bríd Ryan further expands on aspects of IT infrastructure in the setting of ePrescribing and healthcare informatics. 

Additional Information 

The HSE has an open consultation (closing date Friday 12 April 2024) to provide feedback on the set of information to be contained in the National Medicinal Product Catalogue. To obtain further information please email