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This webinar was recorded on 24th April 2024 


  • Dr Cathy Breen, PhD, Registered Dietitian, Dietetic-Lead National Diabetes Programme, Clinical Specialist Dietitian in Diabetes & Obesity 

  • Yvonne Moloney, Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP), Diabetes Acute care, University Hospital Limerick 

  • Dr Lisa Devine, General Practitioner, ICGP HSE National GP Lead for Diabetes 


Yvonne Moloney – Presentation

Dr Cathy Breen – Presentation

Dr Lisa Devine – Presentation


In this webinar "Diabetes - an Overview: Technology, DAFNE & Type 2 in the Older Adult," the speakers discuss various aspects of diabetes management, including technology, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and diabetes education programmes such as DAFNE. Yvonne Moloney begins by outlining the available CGMs reimbursed through the PCRS for Type 1 diabetes patients and the factors to be considered when choosing a CGM device. The discussion moves to insulin pumps, their types, and the importance of refilling reservoirs and reporting pump or pen failures. Dr Cathy Breen outlines the challenges of living with Type 1 diabetes and the importance of supporting individuals through multidisciplinary teams and structured education programmes such as DAFNE. The programme aims to provide patients with the skills for managing diabetes effectively, leading to improved outcomes and reduced hospital admissions. Dr Lisa Devine discusses the complexities of managing diabetes in older adults, focusing on individualised care and the importance of holistic approaches to management. Dr Devine flags the importance of counselling patients on sick day rules and signposts available resources.