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This webinar was recorded on 22nd May 2024 


  • Professor Stephen Bazire FRPharmS, FCMHP, GHP Gold Medal (2013), MBE, Director of Mistura Enterprise and Mistura Informatics, Honorary Professor, University of East Anglia, Norwich 



In this webinar "Deprescribing antidepressants - don't believe everything you read in the papers" Professor Stephen Bazire discusses the effectiveness of antidepressants in treating depression in adults and addresses common misconceptions about their addictive nature and lack of effectiveness, supported through the presentation of the evidence base. He also discusses the importance of considering individual patient factors before deciding to discontinue antidepressants and the limitations of current research on the topic.

In the "Deprescribing Antidepressants" segment of the webinar, Stephen addresses the challenges of discontinuing antidepressants, particularly for individuals with a history of major depressive disorder. The need for clear communication between healthcare providers and patients and the need to address individual patient factors is emphasised. The importance of supporting individuals who are stopping antidepressants and practical aspects to support the patient journey are outlined.

Resources outlined include ‘Choice and Medication’ for HSE Mental Health Services available at: