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Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance (QA) part of the CPD model will be introduced on a phased basis from 2015. The introduction of a Quality Assurance programme will underpin the continued development of the profession and assist in achieving enhanced scope of practice.



The QA programme that will be used by the Institute will be based on the successful QA programme for pharmacists in Ontario. It is intended that there will be a significant degree of engagement and review with all parts of the profession before the exact process is defined and implemented.

The QA process will be peer led, which is why pharmacist's involvement in developing the programme is essential from the outset.

A series of seminars, webinars and workshops will be held nationwide throughout late 2014 and 2015 to obtain your thoughts, feedback and insights to assist with the development of the process.

The QA programme will then begin with a pilot phase for review of ePortfolios in 2015. A complete rollout of ePortfolio review will occur in 2016, while piloting of Practice Review will also commence in 2016.

It is envisaged that this assessment will involve two methods:

  1. A review of portfolios maintained by pharmacists to demonstrate their engagement with the CPD model.  This review is expected to apply to 20% of pharmacists annually.
  2. A practice review which will be applied to a smaller number of pharmacists. This practice review is designed to ensure that you meet the minimum standards required to practice as a pharmacist and will include:
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for clinical knowledge assessment, and
  • Simulated patient interviews designed to assess generic communication, consultation and decision-making skills.

Demonstrating your clinical knowledge with regard to medicines and counselling patients is what pharmacists do every day.