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Managing Quality in Pharmacy Practice
Online Training Course
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IIOP Online Course

This online course aims to introduce pharmacists to recognised principles of quality improvement. This course is a 4 hour self-directed fully online training programme.

Following the completion of this online component, pharmacists will have the option to enrol on a one day face to face programme which focuses on application of learnings to quality improvement in the supply of high-risk medicines.

Please Note:

You must fully complete the online component before a booking can be made for the face-to-face workshop, instructions for which will be automatically provided once the online component has been completed. 

On successful completion of this programme participants should be able to:

  • Evaluate Quality Improvement Models and their application to specific scenarios in pharmacy practice
  • Apply recognised quality evaluation methods, such as reviewing existing pharmacy data, patient satisfaction surveys and staff performance reviews, in the evaluation of quality in pharmacy practice
  • Apply risk analysis tools to identify deficits and risks in quality provision in pharmacy practice
  • Review quality related adverse events e.g. dispensing errors, near misses and complaints
  • Implement an appropriate open disclosure policy in respect of quality related adverse events
  • Identify the tools required to ensure a continuous quality improvement system within pharmacy practice and its team; including process improvements, standard operating procedures and appropriate staff training