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Diabetes Training Programme
Online Training Course
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IIOP Online Course

This online course aims to provide pharmacists with the knowledge to deliver evidence-based care to patients with diabetes. It should take approximately 10 hours to complete; however this does not have to take place over one sitting.  

This course has been updated for 2016 to reflect the most recent guidance published by NICE in December 2015.  

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On successful completion of this programme participants will be able to:

  • identify risk factors associated with developing diabetes
  • distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • describe evidence-based practice in managing patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • recognise the various parameters that are used to judge metabolic control
  • make recommendations to prevent the complications of diabetes or manage them should they occur and educate patients in relation to this
  • provide guidance on monitoring diabetes in special cases, such as pregnancy
  • provide accurate, quality and safe information to patients and healthcare professionals regarding pharmacological management of diabetes
  • encourage and facilitate patient adherence to medicines.