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Practice Review Launch Roadshow Galway 27/09
Catriona Bradley
27/09/2017 - 19:3027/09/2017 - 22:00
Maldron Hotel, Sandy Road, Galway
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Practice Review will be introduced for all pharmacists practising in patient-facing roles with the first pharmacists due to be randomly selected by the PSI this autumn. This represents the final step in establishing a CPD system for pharmacists in Ireland. The IIOP is committed to enabling the profession to prepare for this process as it has done for other aspects of the CPD system, such as ePortfolio Review. This roadshow will provide you with an opportunity to learn about Practice Review, to ask questions and to hear from some of the pharmacists that have been involved in developing and piloting the process. 

What will this event involve?

  • A selection of pharmacists who were involved in the pilot together with IIOP staff will be on hand to answers any questions you have about Practice Review.
  • There will be videos and information about the Practice Review which will provide an understanding of the look and feel of the process.
  • There will be a panel discussion with pharmacists who have experienced Practice Review first-hand in the pilot
  • Questions which have been submitted through the event registration forum and taken from attendees on the night will be answered

Tea and coffee will be available at the venue from 19:30 and IIOP team members will be available to chat informally about any aspect of the IIOPs work. The session will commence promptly at 20:00.

How to submit a question for the event?

Once you have registered for this event, you will be able to submit questions for the event by following these steps:

  • Follow the link to the course from the 'My courses' section of the website
  • On the event page, click on the link 'What questions do you want answered at the Practice Review event? ’ and type your questions in there
  • Questions will be accepted until 48 hours before the event (but you will also have an opportunity to ask other questions on the night)

Who is this event for?

This roadshow will be of particular interest to pharmacists who are eligible for selection for Practice Review i.e. pharmacists practising in patient-facing roles.