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Quality Improvement in the Supply of High Risk Medicines Dublin May
This training programme is provided by the IACME
24/05/2019 - 09:0024/05/2019 - 07:15
IMI, 16 Sandyford Rd, Dublin
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High Risk Medicine

You must  fully complete  the Managing Quality in Pharmacy Practice  online component before attending this workshop, instructions for accessing the workshop materials will be automatically provided once the online component has been completed. To enrol yourself on the "Managing Quality in Pharmacy Practice" click  HERE

This training programme is provided by the IACME and involves a full day training course building on the learning in the Managing Quality in Pharmacy Practice online training programme .

This face to face course is intended for pharmacists who have completed the on-line " Managing Quality in Pharmacy Practice " online programme and who wish to apply principles of quality management to the prescription/supply/administration/use of high risk medicines.

  • Location:  Irish Management Institute, Sandyford Rd, Dundrum, Dublin
  • Start Time:  9:00AM
  • End Time:  17:00PM

On successful completion of this programme participants should be able to:

  • Identify what are high-risk medicines and the factors that increase the relative risk in relation to other medicines;
  • Recognise process errors which occur in the prescribing, dispensing, administration and/or supply of high risk medicines as defined in this programme;
  • Outline the principle side-effects and symptoms of toxicity associated with high-risk medicines;
  • Identify what specific information is required to complete a thorough review of a prescription for a high risk medicine
  • Identify the points in the medication use process where medication error is at increased relative risk with a view to informing patients regarding the safe use of high risk medicines;
  • Develop a procedure to ensure the appropriate counselling of patients regarding the importance of regular therapeutic review by a physician and the monitoring associated with long-term use of high-risk medicines;
  • Evaluate the quality of the supply of high risk medicines in their current practice using risk analysis tools to identify deficits and risks in quality provision;
  • Devise a continuous quality improvement system to reduce the risk of error occurring in the dispensing/supply of high risk medicines which includes review of quality related adverse events e.g. dispensing errors, near misses, complaints;
  • Develop an Action Plan to engage all members of their pharmacy team in quality improvement processes including the training of pharmacy staff to identify high-risk medicines and take appropriate steps to reduce associate risks.