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IIOP IT Support Events

Throughout 2019 the IIOP is in a position to hold a number of one off events focused on the basic computer skills that are required to use the IIOP website, ePortfolio and online courses.

The IIOP ePortfolio Practical Workshops is a hands-on practical event facilitated by one of our trained Peer Support Pharmacists, it is limited to 15 participants to maximise individual support.

The events take place in computer labs, and you will only need your IIOP username/ password to attend. To get the best use from these events we want you to direct us to where this support is needed.

The IIOP will be happy to coordinate all of the logistics for the event; however, we will need your assistance in getting participants to attend. A minimum of 5 Pharmacists are required to hold one of these events, therefore we ask that you be willing to promote the ePortfolio Practical Workshop in your local pharmacy community.

These ePortfolio Practical Workshops will take place on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, we will coordinate a suitable date with you when planning.

If you, or your community could benefit from an event of this nature fill in the below:


Can you suggest any local schools, colleges, community centres that may have suitable computer labs which the IIOP could use for this event?


Are there other pharmacists in you locality who would be interested in this event? 



If the IIOP plan an event in your locality, will you be a position to promote / publicise it within your local pharmacist community?



I understand that without a minimum of 5 pharmacists registered to attend, the IIOP may cancel an event which has been planned.