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ePortfolio Review Support

ePortfolio Review Support

Welcome to the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review Support page. All the information that you require to navigate through the core stages of the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review can be found here, including information on timelines, ePortfolio Review Information Events and support resources.

Communication from the IIOP

On 17 October 2018, the IIOP sent an email to all pharmacists included in the review using the email address listed on their IIOP profile. This email will provides important information on the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review, including a link to the ePortfolio Review support resources and the specific dates in January when you can submit your ePortfolio extract for review.

Pharmacists included in the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review will notice a change on their ePortfolio dashboard. The My review icon will include the word PENDING.

Should you need help in accessing the website, retrieving your password or editing your details contact the IIOP on 01 402 5112 or click here.

Submission Dates

If you have been selected for ePortfolio Review, on Monday 7 January 2019 the IIOP ePortfolio System will send an email to the email address registered on your IIOP profile notifying you that you may now submit CPD Cycles from your ePortfolio in line with the requirements of the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review Standards. You will have until Sunday 27 January to submit your extract. You may submit cycles at any stage during the three-week submission window, and you may make more than one submission.

If you submit your extract on or before 27 January 2019 and one or more standards are not met within your extract, and you will receive feedback via the IIOP Portal on 25 February 2019. This feedback must be implemented and the relevant cycle(s) resubmitted by 20 March 2019.

It is imperative that pharmacists have their current, active email address registered on their IIOP profile in order to ensure that these important communications are received.

Please note that it will not be possible to submit cycles before the submission period opens in January 2019. Submitting your extract is a straight forward process which should only take a few minutes to complete, once your cycles are fully finalised and ready to submit.

The Printable Guide 2018/19 ePortfolio Review Timeline found in the resources below, provides further information on the stages of ePortfolio Review.

ePortfolio Review Information Events

The IIOP will host a series of face-to-face and webinar information events from September to December 2018 to support pharmacists selected for the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review. All information events are facilitated by a Peer Support Pharmacist and will specifically focus on the key requirements of the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review so that pharmacists will know exactly what to expect at each point in the process. This will include an explanation of the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review Standards, the timelines for the review, and an introduction to the training support resources. The events will also provide pharmacists with the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the 2018/19 ePortfolio Review.

These events were very popular during the 2017/18 ePortfolio Review with positive feedback from pharmacists. Those who attended an information event said they felt more confident in participating in ePortfolio Review, had a clear understanding of what the Standards were and how to access support if needed. We recommend that you sign up to either a face-to-face or webinar information event.

The IIOP will also host ePortfolio Review Practical Workshops. These events are designed to help pharmacists who do not feel confident in using the online tools to manage their CPD. The workshop will show pharmacists how to log on to the IIOP website and access their ePortfolio, create CPD cycles, complete a CCSAT and export a self-assessment to their ePortfolio.

To book a place at any of these events click here.

ePortfolio Review Support Resources

The ePortfolio Review support resources have been broken down into short modules for ease of reference and are presented in a variety of formats with printable guides (PDF documents), interactive guides and videos available.

The printable guides are a comprehensive source of all the information you require to prepare and submit your ePortfolio extract for review. The information within the printable guides has been replicated in either an interactive or video guide for pharmacists who prefer to use these learning formats.

The ePortfolio Review Policy and ePortfolio Review Appeals Policy can be found under the Policy Documentation tab.

Please Note: You will need to scroll down to view the support resource content in the window below. We recommend you use Google Chrome to view all interactive guides