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IIOP Standards for the 2017/18 ePortfolio Review


The ePortfolio Review is the process by which pharmacists are required to submit a sample of CPD cycles from their ePortfolio ('ePortfolio extract') which demonstrates that they are engaging in CPD in line with the requirements of the legislation (Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (Continuing Professional Development) Rules 2015 (S.I. No.553/2015)).

Pharmacists can expect to be called to participate in an ePortfolio Review once in every five year period.

The standards for the 2017/18 Review were set by a group of pharmacists from a diverse range of practice backgrounds who responded to a profession-wide expression of interest to be involved. The group was tasked with setting minimum standards for the Review, incorporating both the legislative requirements and what would reasonably and practically indicate appropriate CPD engagement.

To see the standards for the 2017/18 review click HERE.

How Does the Review Work?

The IIOP has developed a standardised ePortfolio Review process which incorporates a system-based review and in some instances a review by a peer pharmacist.

The following interactive table lays the requirements for each of the standards.

What Happens Next?

  • AUGUST 2017

The IIOP will issue a profession-wide newsletter specifically focussing on ePortfolio Review. This newsletter will provide details on ePortfolio Review information events, to include both webinars and live events, which will take place from September onwards. These events have been specifically designed to support pharmacists participating in this year's Review and will be bookable via the IIOP website. These events proved very popular for the last Review with a high rate of attendance, so if you have been selected for Review we would encourage you to attend an event that suits you.

  • SEPTEMBER 2017

The IIOP will publish a comprehensive set of support resources on the IIOP website, which will provide all the information pharmacists require in order to participate in the Review. Pharmacists selected for ePortfolio Review will also receive a link to these resources via email in early October. 

  • OCTOBER 2017

The IIOP will receive a list from the PSI of pharmacists selected for the Review. The IIOP will communicate with these pharmacists initially by letter, which will emphasise the responsibility of the pharmacist to ensure that the email address that they have registered on their IIOP account is current and correct.  From this point onwards, all correspondence from the IIOP relating to the Review will be by email only.  It is imperative that pharmacists have the correct email address registered on their IIOP profile  in order to ensure that these important communications are received. Should you need help in accessing the website, retrieving your password or editing your details feel free to contact the IIOP on 01 402 5112 or click HERE.

  • JANUARY 2018

Pharmacists selected for Review will be called to submit their ePortfolio extract for review via the IIOP website in January 2018. The exact dates will be communicated to pharmacists selected for Review in their October email communication from the IIOP. Submitting your extract is a straight forward process which should only take a few minutes to complete, once your cycles are fully finalised and ready to upload. Please note that it will not be possible to submit cycles in advance of this date. 

In the meantime, we encourage all pharmacists to continue to record their CPD cycles on a contemporaneous basis. Remember, all registered pharmacists who are three or more years post qualification will be called for review in the next five years, and it will be important to be able to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to CPD. 

Timeline of Events

Timeline of events

Journey to CPD

You may already be fully engaged with CPD, or you may have recently begun your journey.  Either way, the guidance below can help frame the context of the review for you regardless of your engagement to date.

Click on one of the "+" signs on the image below which best describes the status of your interaction with the IIOP ePortfolio

 Frequently Asked Questions

View the FAQ section to see answers to frequently asked questions on ePortfolio Review.