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ePortfolio Information Events

The Irish Institute of Pharmacy held 60 ePortfolio Information events throughout 2015. These nationwide events provided pharmacists with an overview of the IIOP ePortfolio and its role in the Irish CPD system.

The events were interactive with attendees encouraged to bring laptops, tablets or smart phones to the event, in order to access the ePortfolio during the presentation. This allowed attendees to see first-hand, not only how easy the system is to use, but how convenient it is to access.
Convenience was at the forefront of the IIOP’s thinking when planning for this year’s ePortfolio events. On the basis of feedback received after the 2014 Information Events the number of attendees at webinar events was doubled and more webinars were scheduled. This proved to be extremely popular with pharmacists who couldn’t fit attending an event into their busy schedules.
For those pharmacists that didn’t make it to an event or webinar, a video of an event has been made available. This video captures the ePortfolio Information event held on Tuesday, May 12th 2015 at RCSI, Dublin 2. The session was facilitated by Peer Support Pharmacist Sarah Clarke.

The two-hour sessions included:

  • Examples of how the IIOP ePortfolio and CCSAT (Core Competency Self-Assessment Tool) could be used to support CPD
  • Information on reflective practice and its role in successful CPD • A live demonstration of the IIOP ePortfolio and CCSAT
  • Information on resources available to support use of the ePortfolio and CCSAT

After watching this Video, you should have a clear understanding of how to start building your ePortfolio and on the supports available to you.

See below a booklet which was distributed on the night.

Sample CPD Cycle Booklet