The mission of the Institute is to promote excellence in the areas of patient care, professional standards, education and research in pharmacy.

The Institute has been established by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland (PSI, the pharmacy regulator) to oversee the development and management of the continuing professional development (CPD) system for the pharmacy profession in Ireland. 

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) has been awarded a four year contract to establish and operate the Institute as the managing body on behalf of the PSI.

Dr. Catriona Bradley has been appointed to the role of Executive Director of the Institute. 

Dr. Bradley will be supported by an Operations and Education Pharmacist Manager and an administrative team. 

Accreditation of formal programmes will be overseen by Accreditation Boards who will be formed from an Accreditation Panel. Accreditation Boards will consist of subject matter experts (SMEs), pharmacists, and people with expertise in areas such as IT, risk managament and quality. Their composition will depend on the nature of the programme being accredited.

The Institute's mission will also be supported by Peer Support Pharmacists who have been appointed to help support and educate pharmacists on the new CPD model and the role of the Institute.