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Pharmacist Information Events

Throughout 2014 we held sixty Pharmacist Information Events at locations around the country. These events were designed to help pharmacists understand what the establishment of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy means for them and the profession.

This video was taken at the Pharmacist Information event held on Wednesday October 29th 2014 at Bewley's Hotel, Newlands Cross, Co Dublin. The session was facilitated by Cecily Roche a Peer Support Pharmacist  and attended by Catriona Bradley, Executive Director of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy.

The two hour sessions included:

• A background to the Institute of Pharmacy
• An overview of CPD and the new CPD system for pharmacists
• An overview of the new Quality Assurance Process

This was followed by group discussion and a Question and Answer Session.

After watching this Video you should have a clear understanding of the role of the Irish Institute of Pharmacy and what it means for you.

See below a copy of the slides used at the event and a booklet which was distributed on the night.

Pharmacist Information Event Presentation

Pharmacist Information Event Booklet